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Clinical Poggio del Sole Arezzo


Albergo La Posta is a three-minute drive from the A1 exit Arezzo exit and ten from Arezzo. Hotel near the Poggio del Sole clinic in Arezzo.

In the center of Arezzo in via Guittone, 2 is located the nursing home Poggio del Sole Telephone 0575 353892 Fax 0575 27056. There are three operating rooms with state-of-the-art equipment for every type of surgery. The Poggio del Sole Clinic is accredited with the S.S.N. (National Health Service) and carries out interventions of General Surgery, Urology, Otorhinolaryngology, Orthopedics and Ophthalmology at the expense of the S.S.N. Outpatient services are scheduled for the S.S.N. of Ultrasound and Ecodoppler. There is also an intensive care room if problems arise after anesthetic, surgical or inpatient operators. All the equipment and all the instruments present in the Poggio del Sole clinic are double, that is, in case of failure of any one there is always another equal of reserve. The clinic has 65 beds with rooms of one, two, three and four beds. One of the chambers is equipped with Cardiac Telemetry and other monitoring in order to monitor the patient's clinical parameters and to be able to intervene in case of clinical alteration.
During the day, in addition to the Guard Doctor, there are Anesthesiologists, Reanimators, Surgeons and Cardiologists. During the day at the Poggio del Sole clinic, the presence of the Anesthesiologist and Cardiologist is guaranteed, and within 20 minutes from the call the Surgeon will be available.
Many Serie A football champions have turned to the Poggio del Sole clinic for interventions of various kinds in the legs and beyond. Under the management of the Poggio del Sole Clinic another clinic called the Centro Chirurgico Toscano was opened.

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