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Monte San Savino



Albergo La Posta is located two minutes from the Arezzo toll booth and eight from Monte San Savino.
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The municipality of Monte San Savino is located in the Val di Chiana province of Arezzo at an altitude of three hundred and thirty meters above sea level. It counts almost nine thousand inhabitants. The villages that make up the municipality of Monte San Savino are: Alberoro, Dreini, Gargonza, Montagnano, Palazzuolo and Verniana. It borders with the municipalities of Arezzo, Bucine, Civitella in Val di Chiana, Lucignano, Marciano della Chiana, Rapolano Terme (Si).
In the town of Monte San Savino there are many historical monuments including Palazzo del Monte and the Hanging Gardens, Logge dei Mercanti, Palazzo Pretorio, Cassero, Castello di Gargonza, Palazzo Galletti, Palazzo Gamurrini. There are numerous religious buildings such as the church of the saints Triburzio and Susanna, the church of the Compagnia del Suffragio, the church of the Misericordia, the church of San giovanni, the church of Santa Chiara, the convent of Sant'Agostino, the synagogue, the sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Vertighe.
On the second Sunday of September we celebrate the famous Porchetta festival famous throughout Italy. Monte San Savino is renowned for its ceramics, skilled artisans forge beautiful works of the noble material.
Many antique shops have embellished the historic center for many years.
Also well known is the annual Fantasy Historical Modeling event held in November. The historical re-enactment evokes the historical re-enactment of the year 1550 when Count Baldovino was crowned with historical parades and shows in the square.

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