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Industrial Area San Zeno Arezzo

They were found documentary evidence of a chapel located in San Zeno dating from the year 1022 named Sancti Zenon under addiction at the time, from the Parish of Santa Mustiola in Quarto in 1113.
Only in the thirteenth century, the church was renovated in the Romanesque style. Its facade has become of example while the interior has a single nave.
Every year thousands of people flock to the hill above the village to assist in the Good Friday re-enactment of the Crucifixion of Our Lord. It is a spectacular event and suggestive that has very ancient origins. At the church service not only involved people from across the province of Arezzo but faithful from all over the world.
Through underground pipes in the urban area of the industrial zone was built the first hydrogen pipeline in the world. It was inaugurated on 30 April 2008. It carries pure hydrogen at all the companies on site and also to the families of the country. Unfortunately, still today the system is not functioning.
The Industrial Zone occupies 90 % of the territory of San Zeno and is an area of international importance where they locate goldsmith of the most important industries in the world.


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