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Forum Risk Managemant in Sanità


When: 24-25-26-27 Novembre
Where: Presso Arezzo Fiere e Congressi


Forum Risk Management in Health XI Edition
At Arezzo Fairs and Congresses

Albergo La Posta is two minutes drive from the A1 motorway at Arezzo and eight minutes from the Forum in Health Risk.


Sponsored by the Ministry of Environment, Health Institute of Health, the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, Safety Foundation in Health Risk Management Forum is preparing for its ninth edition at Fairs and Convention Centre of Arezzo.
Review of important international events, meetings, workshops and Expo on technologies applied to patient safety, environment and health. As every year, the theme is the compatibility between the economic and financial resources, rights and their answers to the health needs of citizens in relation with the new Health Pact. Second point is compatibility between the environment and Health: Social Factors, Environmental and Cultural related to the health of citizens. The Forum will also host the European Summit on Water, Climate and Health with the support of Parliament and the European Commission. Objective of the VIII Forum is therefore to offer discussion and debate on the relationship between institutions, scientific and health workers on projects and programs of innovation in healthcare in relation to environmental policies. It 'a section of the exhibition center dedicated to the latest news and innovations in the market and another devoted to discussion, exchange of views and ideas among leading international figures in the world of health care. News are provided for in the world of robotics applied to medicine. For this purpose will be set up an area dedicated to the simulation to show the new technological frontiers.

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