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Medici Fortress Arezzo


Albergo La Posta is located in Via Roma, 8 in Badia al Pino, a three-minute drive from the Arezzo motorway exit and ten minutes from Arezzo.

Located on the hill of San Donato in Arezzo, the Medicea Fortress is an irregular pentagonal plant adapted to the shape of the ground with bastions of different volumetric consistency. Inserted in the northern part of the ancient Prato park, it dominates the city of Arezzo with a view of the Arno valley, the Pratomagno massif and the Alpe di Catenaia. It is an archaeological site very important because in addition to the Fortress and the aforementioned Prato park is also the Gothic cathedral of Arezzo. The Medici Fortress of Arezzo is located where once stood a medieval citadel of the ninth or tenth century. The structure suffered serious damage in the revolt against the bishop Tarlati in 1343. The following year was rebuilt by the people of Arezzo. A few years later it was destroyed by the French and rebuilt by the Florentines who became masters of the city. In 1502 the Aretini tried to demolish it transforming itself into Florentine dominion, causing serious damage to the structure. The Florentine Republic gave the order of reconstruction according to the principles of modal fortification of trapezoidal shape that served as a bulwark of new modern weapons including cannons and artillery of various kinds. The works were entrusted to Giuliano and Antonio da Sangallo. The ramparts of the Ponte del Soccorso and the Church on the east side are still visible in this structure. Other damages for various revolutions were in 1530 and rebuilt again by order of Cosimo dei Medici by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger. For this reconstruction, the Town Hall, the Red Tower, the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, the Palazzo Tarlati da Pietramala and 17 churches, as well as the entire historical center of the fourteenth century, some Etruscan buildings and the Roman Forum were demolished. In place of these buildings, the Prato park was built. Over the centuries there have been changes to the Medici Fortress of Arezzo up to the last restorations of 2009 and 2016.

Opening hours of the Medici Fortress of Arezzo

From Tuesday to Friday included by h. 10 at h. 18

Saturday and Sunday from h. 10-12: 30h from h. From 14:00 to 19:30

Monday closed

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