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Equestrian Centers in Valdichiana (Arezzo)

When: All Year Long
Albergo La Posta is located two minutes drive from the exit of the A1 motorway exit of Arezzo in Badia al Pino in Valdichiana.

 The province of Arezzo has a very strong equestrian tradition which can be found since antiquity as evidenced by the historical artifacts found. Numerous equestrian centers were built especially in Valdichiana, the valley in the province of Arezzo that stretches up to the province of Siena.
The most important is the Arezzo Equestrian Centre, splendid riding International, located four minutes from the Hotel Post, where you race all year with contests that attract riders from all over the world including those from overseas. All'Equestrian Centre held competitions ranging from National to 5 stars, European Championship team to Tuscany Tour, global event that takes place between March and April each year.
Several equestrian centers are present in the territory chianino where you can make beautiful horse riding, lessons show jumping, dressage and other relevant disciplines.
Another highlight is definitely the riding school "The Fogliarina" three-minute drive from the Hotel Post. Handled beautifully by Ms. Sheena, the Equestrian Association The Fogliarina, an equestrian center is recognized by the Olympic Committee and the FISE. The beautiful area surrounding La Fogliarina allows splendid horse rides lasting an hour up to a day. Every first weekend of October is expected to ride the famous sea of the Tuscan Maremma. Most important is the school ponies for children to adulthood. The most important disciplines are: Pony Games, Gymkhana, Carousel, Endurance, Show Jumping, Horse Ball and other specialties.
Other important equestrian centers are: The Chiodo Fixed Arezzo, Association Attacks Intra Tevere et Arno in Ciggiano, Equestrian Center The Seva in Foiano della Chiana, Komote in San Zeno di Arezzo, Arezzo Equestrian Club in San Zeno di Arezzo Equestrian Center in Serristori Poggio Cherry, Equestrian Association Fogliarina in Badia al Pino (Civitella in val di Chiana).

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