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Arezzo Equestrian Centre

When: All year long
Where: Arezzo Equestrian Centre

2016 Calendar Toscana tour: March 15-20, March 22-27, march 29 april 03, april 05-10.Hotel near Arezzo Equestrian Centre.

Arezzo Equestrian Centre is one of the most important races in the world of show jumping. It is born from the brainchild and passion for riding of the owner Ita Marzotto. Having had firsthand European realities in France, Germany, and the United States realizes that in Tuscany and Italy there is a riding school show-jumping really important valence International. In 1999 bought Arezzo Equestrian Center which has an area of ​​one hectare of surface. Over the years, its size is multiplied to get to as many as 32 acres with prospects even more. In the same year leave the old name to become Arezzo Equestrian Centre with more riding arenas including a wonderful grass among the best in the world and one indoor for indoor races. The boxes for the horses exceed the number of four hundred. Throughout the year there aren’t months where there takes place a competition of major importance. Among the other events are Top Events such as Tuscany Tour (one month consecutive races), Global Champions Tour, Tour Rider Equestrian Style, Pony Mania, CSIO Junior and Young Riders, Pony CSIO as well as Italian Championship, Final Circuit FISE-UNITE, Dressage, Italian League Quarter Horse and the attacks.
Arezzo Equestrian Centre as well as hosting the experts and attended by many spectators who enjoy the spectacle of jumping obstacles in the most beautiful, exclusive, refined and elegant equestrian center in Italy.

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