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Chimet S.p.A


Albergo La Posta is a three-minute drive from the A1 motorway at Arezzo and dueminuti by the establishment Chimet spa of Badia al Pino.
The province of Arezzo famously known worldwide for its goldsmith saw in 1976 the baptism of one of the largest European companies in the recovery of precious metals: The Chimet spa. His name is made up of three significant words in the field of goldsmith: "Chemistry - Metals - Tuscany."
It was urgent need for an area heavily influenced by goldsmith work to have an establishment that dealt with the recovery of precious metals. In recent years the Company has established an internal department that deals with the management and disposal of waste respecting the strict rules on environmental protection. In this precious optical were collaborations with public bodies, universities and research centers. They were also made investments in the Life Sciences and Technology in the field that have helped improve the refining and reduce the waste of precious assuring its customers the maximum possible result. Inside the Chimet plant has five divisions: Recovery and Refining, Thick Film, catalysts, Ecology, Chemicals, as well as a metal desk to manage the trade of precious all over the planet: Price of Metals in real time, exchange currencies, fixing metal.
The recovery process is very refined, allowing Chimet to extract various types of precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and Ruthenium.
To further improve the recovery of metals, Chimet company has developed a new cutting-edge type of processing called Catalyst-Kit. This process has improved both technical and environmental results.

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