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Chimera Comix


When: 01-02
Where: Monte San Savino

Albergo La Posta is located a three-minute drive from the exit of the A1 Arezzo toll booth a few minutes from Monte San Savino where the first edition of Chiamera Comix will take place.
The first Chimera Comix edition organized by the Historica Laminis Aps association will take place in the central square of Monte San Savino dedicated to Sant'Agostino on 01 and 02 July. The historical event will cover demonstrations and performances of medieval historical fencing, in costume and in armor.
Saturday at h. 11 the companies of Historica Laminis, Flos Ferri, Mos Ferri and White Company will make an appointment for an adult and young public to show the thrill of being medieval knights for a day.
The demonstrations will continue at h. 15:00.
In the late afternoon the knights full of armor will face with swords, spears and azza respecting the code of honor of the time trying to get into the graces of the ladies and the powerful medieval.
The show dinner is scheduled for h. 8:30 pm at the kiosk of the Archpriest's church. Reservation is OK.
After dinner there will be a demonstration of the Lupus Maleficarum and White Company that will perform magic changes until the end of midnight where everything will disappear by magic.
Sunday everything will resume from morning to h. 10:00 to continue at h. 15:00 with the epilogue to h. 17:30 where the final event will take place with Araldi, Menestrelli, Cavalieri who will be rewarded based on what they have shown throughout the event.


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