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Chelonian Expo Arezzo



When: May
Where: Arezzo Fairs and Congresses

Albergo La Posta is a 3-minute drive from the Arezzo exit of the A1 motorway and eight from the exhibition of turtles in Arezzo.
Hotel near turtles shows in Arezzo.

Annual appointment with Arezzo Chelonian Expo, the fair dedicated to turtles at Arezzo Fiere e Congressi. Exposure of various types of tortoises: From Testudo Hermani to Marginata to Graeca. Reserved spaces for land, aquatic and marsh turtles.
Books, magazines, food and accessories will be available to visitors. There will be experts, veterinarians and biologists who will illustrate and respond to the curiosity of the public that each edition manifests itself more numerous and competent. Many families with children participate in the event.
In addition to the tortoises other reptiles will be exposed in their dedicated area.
microchips can be purchased and inserted in the purchased animals and also taken from outside the fair with attached certificate.

Admission: € 10

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