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Arezzo Wave Love Festival



When: July
Where: All City Large

Finally Arezzo Wave returns home !! From 12 to 15 July will perform on various stages set up in the city Caparezza Yann Tiersen, Bandabardò, Malika Ayane, Nina Zilli, Batida, Fuel Fandango, Crookers and many other names in the contemporary music scene. But it will not only be music, there will be the comics of Diabolik, the dance of Sosta Palmizi and the cinema of John Beluschi and many other important events. There will be a hundred appointments of music, theater, dance, comics, literature, art, electronics, children's space and spirituality. The whole city of Arezzo will be involved and three will be the main stages: one at the Stadio Città di Arezzo and two at Colle del Pionta. Night shows will continue at the Sugar Reef with Elettrowave.
Almost all free admissions excluding the Main Stage at the Stadium which will be € 12 per night or € 30 for all four saratas. A subscription called "pact against the crisis" will be possible for € 20 only if you arrive by h. 8:00 pm. Throughout the area of Arezzo Wave you can surf for free in Wi-Fi.


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