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Arezzo Airport Molin Bianco

Airport Arezzo "Molin Bianco" is located in Via Francesco Baracca west of the city of Arezzo and it is enabled to national traffic and there is leased to the Helicopter Unit of the Fire Department, by the Aero Club "L. Centini" and the school "Etruria". It has a runway of 635 meters wide and 30. Managed by the local Aeroclub communications radio aids are on the frequencies 126.9 MHz. Are going projects to improve the characteristics of airport equipment to enable it to future international airports: Extension of the runway, taxiway and improvements of the connections of the horizontal and vertical signs.
On April 13th of 2011 by ministerial decree the airport was raised to ICAO category 2 and category at the 8th Fire. It was in 1917 that originated at the hands of the cavalry lieutenant Righetti, the airport Arezzo.

The main function was to test the plane built by the company Arezzo SACFEM. On 28 March 1923 it was upgraded in order to accommodate infrastructure such as a school of military fighter plane. In the years of World War II the airport was partly destroyed (1943) and was used only as a military emergency under the jurisdiction of the 4th flock of Grosseto. Currently the " Molin Bianco" is property of the state that has given in concession to the following companies: Aero Club " L. Centini" Aero Club "Etruria", "SAA" which deals with the sprinkler system. The aerodrome was named after the commander Luciano Centini which has been, for many years, president and flight instructor before his untimely death.

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